DC Cooler Packs GDDC6 to GDM500

Using the same heat exchangers as the AC range the DC range is limited to a 15 inch fan, so the biggest standard unit is the GDM500-DC. Fans are available as blowing or sucking and 12 or 24 volt direct current.

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Standard Cooler Packs DC

12-24 volt

The smaller GDDC range and the larger GDM300, 400 & 500 DC range are available with blowing or suction fans and are also offered as HD units for additional longevity of life in service. The larger DC fans have high IP ratings, making them ideal for truck and plant use as well as industrial.

For applications where installation space may be at a premium, there is an option to have a high flow GDM300-DC, fitted with two plastic cowled fans, one blowing and one suction. This gives AC motor performance as a small confined DC cooler package.



The motors are typically fitted with a corrosion resistant shaft with a proper seal. This keeps the motor windings free from dust, road spray and makes the fan resistant to water ingress by cleaning.

  • These units can be modified in many ways by our design department to suit your specific needs.
  • Typical changes include a third BSP port to take a temperature switch. (1/2″BSP)

General Bespoke Options Include;

  • Anodised for offshore or corrosive environments
  • Multiple air side fin options
  • Extruded tube for thicker gear oil
  • Complete design and manufacturing flexibility
  • Alternative core options
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper and Brass
  • Copper and Aluminium
  • Steel Wire Wound


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