AC Powered Oil Coolers

The AC range of the standard product can be fitted with a wide range of motors. Their standard motor fitment is from the metric D63 to D100. With a relatively small amount of modification they can accept Imperial motors for markets such as America, Mexico and Canada.

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Standard Cooler Packs AC

400-460 volt. Also available in Single Phase

The Standard GDM Air Blown Cooler Pack range starts with the GDAC2 comprising of a 16 row Intercallery cooler and 110/1/50 fan. The largest standard size is the GDM1000 with one square meter of surface area and a 400/3/50 motor. We can manufacture larger cooler packs if required utilising the design footprint for the range, making it extremely efficient in terms of production time, with the benefit of being cost effective.


GDAC2                                                                              GDM1000


The GDM300 to GDM1000 chassis was developed to make it easy for designers to integrate the heat exchanger into a new build, or retro fit it into an existing machine. The heat exchangers have regularly spaced mounting holes both front and back for ease of fitting, and can be supplied with mounting feet for fitment to supporting framework.

Adaptability was designed into the units from the beginning they can be configured in non standard ways. For instance; they can be built with two heat exchangers on one fan set, plus a wide range of core types and motor options. The ports can also be moved to suit your needs with our bespoke design service. We have previously built these units with imperial frame motors for the American market as well as fitting stainless steel heat exchangers to them.

The GDM300-1000 chassis is also the base unit for larger off-line pumped cooler pack products. The electric motor is changed to the next frame size up in ‘double-shaft configuration’ to accept standard Group-one or Group-two hydraulic pumps. The benefits of this mean that oil cooling can then be achieved without breaking into a machines main hydraulic lines.

These units can also be used as enclosure coolers when combined with a chiller.



400-460 volts as standard


50-60Hz and can be frequency controlled / Soft Start

Standard Heat Exchanger Options
  • GDM Aluminium oil cores
  • Suction fan
  • Electric motor

Variable and fixed-setting thermo-switches

Variable Stat

Fixed Stat 2

Bespoke Heat Exchanger Options
  • Anodised for offshore or corrosive environments
  • Multiple air side fin options
  • Extruded tube for thicker gear oil
  • Complete design and manufacturing flexibility

Alternative core options

  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper and Brass
  • Copper and Aluminium
  • Steel Wire Wound

GDM300 Thick Oil Proto j


Challenging criteria met with a can do attitude, resulting in successful cooling solutions. GDM are my preferred designer and manufacturer every time and will continue to be so. Simply put, not many come close.  10+

Experienced, responsive and very helpful in general with all enquiries. Being a UK manufacturer of Aluminium Plate & Bar is a major time saving advantage when dealing with distress situations. By using the GDM products and services, we and our customers are assured of offering the best solution in the market.  10/10

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