Economy Off Line Coolers

A range of four reasonably priced off-line coolers.

Because GDM is an original equipment manufacturer you can find these units in the pages of many hydraulic catalogues. There are two motor speeds, for either performance or quiet running. The heat exchanger option is the 34 or 44 row intercal unit from our own stock

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Economy Off Line Oil Coolers

Our Pumped Range

Connect these cooler packs to a hot oil tank and three phase power supply and you are ready to go!

  • Available in 2, 4, or 6 pole motor speed, these units sit next to the tank of your hydraulic machinery and pump the heat away to the air. There is no need to disturb the main-circuit hose seals on your machine.
  • The G-rotor pump is a reliable unit, delivering approximately 30 litre per minute oil flow to the heat exchanger.
Industrial Off Line Coolers

Larger models than the GDPU23 are available utilising the standard and interchangeable GDM300 to GDM1000 chassis. This is a perfect example of how the range is production friendly and allows GDM to be flexible and responsive when assisting with any enquiry.

The GDM300 based unit in the picture has the ports moved to the front of the heat exchanger and a pressure by-pass valve fitted.GDM300 Thick Oil Proto j

The GDM600 based unit below is standard apart from the feet and the Double-Shaft motor to drive the pump. (600mm by 600mm cooler core)


GDM600 Pumpfan

Temperature Control

Variable Stat

Fixed Stat 2

Fixed Stat 1

The GDPU oil cooler pack is usually wired through a contactor triggered by a thermoswitch. We supply fully adjustable thermoswitches on request.


If you have any question about our Economy Off Line Oil Coolers, get in touch...