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Markets GDM Coolers Serve

GDM Cooler Manufacturing Ltd serve and support multiple market sectors with their cooling requirements. Below are some examples of the types of markets that have a need for our services whether it be, oil coolers, industrial water coolers or charge air coolers.

Some of the key industries that use our coolers include:

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Water Rad 1


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GDM Cooler Manufacturing Ltd offer a full range of services for reconditioning Raft Set Aluminium Cooler Packs back to OEM specification. Utilising the GDM Plate and Bar product manufactured exclusively in the UK, we are able to offer like for like replacement cores ensuring that performance in service remains at is optimum. Multiple Class Water Radiators, Charge Air Coolers and Oil Coolers can be reconditioned or manufactured on request.

Regular maintenance schedules or unexpected service failures can be accommodated with the very best lead times available, reflecting the exclusive benefits of having full production responsibility for the GDM Plate and Bar core product.

Various air side fin designs are available to combat the issue of external fowling.


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The benefits of a reduced fin allows for the core to be thermally more comparable to the design criteria stipulated by the OEM supplier, and can be verified with the in house thermal prediction program that is at the disposal of the resident GDM design engineers.

Reduced downtime coincided with fantastic VFM prove to be the perfect formula for fleet maintenance contractors, T.O.C’s, F.O.C’s and ROSCOS’s.

GDM Cooler Manufacturing also offer internal and external cleaning services for coolers that are prone to less extreme fowling. Internal flow rate data is recorded for comparison both prior and post treatment to monitor the improvement and ensure that the minimal flow rates are achieve prior to being put back into service.

GDM have extensive engineering knowledge which when called upon proves invaluable for problem solving and continual product development.

We take pride in establishing transparent working relationships with all customers, installing full trust and confidence in the services and expertise available.

Compressor & Offshore
The Compressor and Offshore industry is heavily reliant on fast service and dependable quality, which is something that GDM Cooler Manufacturing Ltd offers in abundance. Particularly in offshore, against challenging working conditions in some of the harshest environments imaginable, reliability in service is a major priority. We have full understanding of this notion and offer the ability to supply the correct cooling solution within the shortest lead times available. This is integral to keeping industry production running and reducing unnecessary expenditure.
A diverse range of products and certified accessories are available to meet the safety criteria of certain cooler applications within the offshore industry. For example ATEX approved components are critical when situated within specified potential explosion zones. On the point of any such enquiry, information submitted allows for our resident GDM engineers to determine the correct product to the correct standard.
In addition to this we can offer solutions to the natural corrosive elements found within the offshore environment. Coolers can be epoxy coated, lacquered, or anodised to reduce the corrosive reaction and increase working life.
*Fully Marine Anodised Aluminium Water Radiator*
Our in house testing results show excellent heat transfer in comparison to a non treated cooler, validating options for optimal thermal performance and corrosion resistance.
In addition to the new design and reconditioning of coolers, we have been able to reverse engineer obsolete coolers for minesweepers and haulage ships amongst others within the offshore remit. We can service any request for Industrial Offshore Water Radiators, Oil Coolers or Aftercoolers.
GDM Cooler Manufacturing Ltd have comprehensive experience of designing, manufacturing and supplying container based cooler packs for large diesel engines. The containers are based all around the world comfortably working in ambient temperatures of 55 deg c and above.  From concept design to production, GDM Cooler Manufacturing can offer a tailored cooling solution for the most challenging of projects.
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Plant & Machinery

JCB JS130 Water Rad

Cooling of oil, water and air on plant and industrial machinery is essential when maximising life in service.
The failure of coolers can become very costly as a result of down time. At GDM Cooler Manufacturing Ltd we understand this and provide a full range of services to re-condition, repair or replace coolers minimising down time and reducing associated costs.
Static or mobile equipment have coolers fitted that can be prone to a varying amount of reasons for failure. Vibration, pulsing, fatigue or general accidents, amongst others are regularly accountable, all of which can be accommodated for and returned to service quickly in full working condition. Specific ISO 9001:2008 production and inspection procedures are adhered to, giving fitters full confidence knowing that the coolers are returned ready to install, and fully fit for purpose.
Environmental impact on coolers both mobile or static can be adverse to the overall performance,  yet the diverse range of specifications that we have to offer can be utilised to reduce most common issues such as external clogging on Loading Shovels, Dozers, Dumptrucks, Excavators, Crushers, Cranes and additional Lifting, or Material Handling Equipment.

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