Case Studies

GDM Cooler Manufacturing Ltd are continually involved in a vast array of cooling projects from design concept through to manufacture and supply. Significant investment in Heat Transfer R&D coincided with years of industry knowledge and experience, allows practical forward thinking, and cost effective proposals to be actioned and implemented to the full satisfaction of all involved.

Cooler Manufacturing and Repair Case Studies

Case Study Examples
May 2016 – Mining Cooler Pack

The procurement of a newly uprated engine for a UK mining plant application resulted in the need for an accompanying cooler pack to manage the higher and more demanding engine temperatures.

GDM Cooler Manufacturing were invited to survey the mining application to get a full understanding of requirements and to advise on any considerations that could be beneficial in both fitting and service. After a successful site visit and subsequent discussions, an order was sanctioned for GDM to reverse engineer and manufacture an uprated Aluminium Plate & Bar cooler pack, with new cowling and a beacon water sensor to monitor levels in service.

Original                                             Replacement


April 2016 – Biogas Farm Water Coil Overhaul

When in need of a replacement water coil for a methane injection plant, a well-established Facilities Management Company approached GDM to discuss the most cost effective way and quickest means to get the leaking coil back in to service. The conditioning of the coil due to frost damage was such that the coils tubes were non repairable. The lead time from the OEM was quoted at 12 weeks, which was a predicament that had to be avoided for the running of the plant.

GDM Cooler Manufacturing drew on all resources available and were able to manufacture a new coil as per the original specification, strip, sandblast, powder coat and reassemble the casework within 4 weeks. The fans were rewired and commissioned by a certified electrician and the coil was returned as new. The fluency and reactiveness of which the enquiry was handled was extremely well received and has resulted in a substantial plant cost saving due to minimal downtime.

DSC_0328 DSC_0331

June 2016 - Quick Turn Around of High Pressure Drilling Cooler

Amongst the recognised industry leaders to utilise our services are Atlas Copco. An emergency breakdown situation is the latest example of being able to assist where others simply cannot. When faced with a scenario of having to wait at least 8 weeks from the OEM cooler supplier for a replacement, Atlas Copco, contacted GDM to offer a resolution. Within hours of the initial conversation and being advised of the site address, we had a company vehicle collecting the cooler to be returned same day back to the GDM factory. Upon receipt and detailed inspection, the proposal to recondition with a fully brazed Aluminium core was submitted and accepted, with the end result being that the cooler was returned for installation within 6 working days. The criteria was that the cooler be compliant to work in service at 32 barg, meaning that the the exclusive tube and bar brazed core was selected as its structural properties allow the cooler to withstand pressure of up to 68 barg. Needless to say Atlas Copco and the end user were more than satisfied with the prompt actions taken to resolve the breakdown. The cost saving to all involved in minimising down time and reducing intermediary hire costs is non comparable when considering the difference between 6 days and 8 weeks for a replacement.


October 2016 - Maritime Reverse Engineering

Due to the naturally corrosive environment, historically marine coolers have been manufactured in materials such as Stainless Steel, Copper Nickel, Naval Brass, or Titanium. All have very good natural resistance to salt laden environments whereas Aluminium has less resistance and therefore is not automatically considered as a first choice.

When approached to re-engineer a water radiator for an offshore vessel GDM put forward a fully reverse engineered Aluminium option from a very dated and depleted pattern. The cooler had long since became obsolete, with the client having the ominous challenge of finding a suitable replacement to meet a time critical deadline. The client had understandable reservations about Aluminium as a base material, yet once they had seen the portfolio of Aluminium coolers GDM have and continue to successfully supply offshore, then it was agreed that our proposal would be more than acceptable.

A fully brazed Aluminium plate and bar core was manufactured utilising the pattern to replicate replacement headers, fan cowling and fittings. The radiator was fully marine anodised and then sprayed with a specific grade Admiral Grey paint. Once cured it was ready to be installed and go back in to full time service. The solution was extremely well received, on time, within budget and incorporating a level of detail that ultimately met and surpassed all the criteria within the project.


Water Cooled Intercooler





PED, CAT 2, Aluminium – Water Cooled Intercooler, designed and manufactured by GDM. Recently exported to Finland for installation on a high efficiency gas turbine.

Gas Turbine - Water Cooled Intercooler


Mining Cooler Pack                                  Complete Coil Overhaul


High Pressure Drilling Oil Cooler


Reverse Engineered – Fully Marine Anodised Aluminium Water Radiator


Experienced, responsive and very helpful in general with all enquiries. Being a UK manufacturer of Aluminium Plate & Bar is a major time saving advantage when dealing with distress situations. By using the GDM products and services, we and our customers are assured of offering the best solution in the market.  10/10

Challenging criteria met with a can do attitude, resulting in successful cooling solutions. GDM are my preferred designer and manufacturer every time and will continue to be so. Simply put, not many come close.  10+

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