BCAS Membership for GDM

GDM Cooler Manufacturing Ltd are pleased to announce full subscription and membership to BCAS. The decision to join BCAS as an industry recognised organisation is to enhance the options available to existing members, and also the compressed air industry as a whole for OEM specification Aluminium cooler products.
Within the industry we encounter countless aftermarket products that are inadequate as long term solutions for faulty coolers in service. As a solution, GDM have invested in the technology and training to combat this with the objective of being the exclusive UK manufacturer of an OEM specification product. The benefits to the long term service life for compressors that opt for the GDM Plate & Bar product are non-comparable when considering necessary heat transfer, future down time and associated running costs. As the only company in the UK to manufacture the Plate & Bar product on site, GDM have full production control in addition to offering an excellent British Standard quality product.

In conjunction with the ability to utilise our thermal prediction programs to predict heat transfer, GDM also offer an aftermarket recondition service inclusive of cleaning, diagnostic testing and re-coring. In the event of a cooler being condemned, GDM can replace the core re-using the header tanks and existing connections. The recycling nature of this service is a viable cost effective alternative to buying new, and a service that can be offered from as little as 24-48 hrs. This can reduce replacement hire and down time costs dramatically, as well as having confidence that the Plate & Bar product replacement is as fit for purpose as the original cooler when brand new.

As a proud British manufacturer, the fully brazed range of OEM specification Aluminium Plate & Bar cores are the flagship product for GDM. Working closely with existing BCAS members we believe that the products and services available will beneficial in sustaining the high levels of expectancy for service and quality throughout the whole British compressor industry.